Halloween nails

Spooky season is here so you need spooky nails

Halloween isn’t really a thing in Sweden in the way it is in the US but as a spooky kid and a sort of spooky adult it’s my favorite holiday.

Should have been using moon light as lighting for this mani, but I don’t think it would’ve shown off the holo!

I used Treehouse by ILNP as a base, since it’s lovely and dark. Then I used this Halloween stamping plate from Born Pretty. You can use my code AJK31 for 10% off! The plate is excellent, I used it a lot last year as well.

Bats are adorably creepy. I had a run in with one as a child so I was scared of them for a long time. But they are very cute when you’re just looking at pictures of them and not having them flapping in your face. Because when bats get stressed out, like say after getting into a kids bedroom by mistake, their echo location can be a bit off and they smack into stuff. Like the face of a tiny child…

Products used:

Treehouse – ILNP

Celebration BPX-L007 by Born Pretty

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