The start

When I look back at these cute little nails and the cramped hand pose I realize that I’ve come a looong way. Look at those lil nubs! Look at the (lack of) lighting!

I never used to want long nails. I always cut them as short as I could and never painted them. But as with a lot of my life choices, one day I just wanted long nails. I started out with press-ons but it was expensive and didn’t hold up very well. My nails have a strong c-curve and press-ons almost always just pop off after a few days.

The problem was that when I then started the process to grow my own nails out they were flimsy, thin, peeling and they broke easily because of the press-on damage. But I persevered. I used strengthening base coats and started to oil, oil, oil my nails and use hand creme on my hands and it really does the trick. When my nails got stronger I eased off on the strengthening base coat to not risk hardening my nails to much. If your nails are to hard they run the risk of just snapping off. What you want are strong nails that would bend instead of breaking if you do accidentally hit something with them. I do still use base coats, don’t get me wrong, but if I don’t use a peel off base coat I just use a regular base coat.

My biggest tip for nail growth is not that complicated nor very expensive: always wear polish, use nail oil (coconut, jojoba or almond) and keep your hands moisturized. And yes, you do have to be more careful. If you use your hands a lot in your job or in a hobby of yours the chances of growing out long and strong nails get slimmer.