Rimmel roundup

A demure start of a round up of lovely colors

I got some lovely Rimmel colors that I’ve been trying out. I very much enjoy both the formula and the brush. I usually used two or three coats.

This is ‘Caramel Cupcake’. In the bottle I thought it looked kind of boring (since I’m very much extra) but on my nails? whoooa, it looks so good!

‘Mind the gap, Victoria’ is a cool blue. I love how it makes my nails look so classy and cute. I love how it makes my nails look so classy and cute. When my nails get back to my original length this color will be a go to color.

‘Wedge of lime’ is my perfect light green that’s for sure. It’s such a pop of color and it made me happy when I wore it. And look how smooooooth it is

‘Jungle Fever’ is also a pretty green. I didn’t really like it on this length as I feel that dark colors makes my nails look shorter. But I’ll be wearing it again when they grow longer.

‘Midnight rendevouz’, a dark purple. It would look great with some small-ish gold stamping I believe.

‘Oh boy you’re so fine’ is a lighter purple and I LOVE IT. This would look cool with a ‘wedge of lime’ accent nail

This is ‘Blindfold me blue’ and I do love the color. The name though is… weird. There seems to be a weird trend with naming polish colors a bit questionably.

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