Some lovely Born Pretty manis

I was pleasantly surprise by these holos from Born Pretty. The holo effect is really strong and the formula was great. A bit thin perhaps, I needed three coats. The holo can be hard to show off in pictures, but they look lovely regardless

Turquoise and holo is a perfect combo that also looks super good on my nails!

This is a silver holo. It looks fine but a bit boring on its own. I think it would look better as a topper

Everyone that knows me know I love purple and when you add holo, I’m sold! This looked so amazing in the sun, I couldn’t stop staring at it.

This orange holo was also a bit on the light side for me.

I added some flowers to the orange holo and it popped straight away. Some of the ligher shades really need something else to bring them out.

Even the light silver holo popped when I added some spooky skulls over it

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