A tiny chop and a new beginning

I was feeling sick and tired of my old shape and length. I needed something new. Instead of doing a big chop I just went slightly shorter by trimming off the tips and changed my shape from stiletto to a sort of wide coffin. The process was made easier by the fact that I’d already lost a piece of my left thumbnail.

I must say I love it. I feel more inspired again and the urge to cut my nails is gone. Having long nails is a bit of a bother some times if I’m being completely honest. If you add the pointy-ness of stilettos is a different ballgame. Winter is sneaking up here and I need to be able to wear gloves and tie my boots without the fear of snapping a tip.

I love stilettos, I really do, and I think I’m going back to it sometime in the future. But right now I need a change,  something less harsh and a bit easier to manage. Looking forward to filling these canvases with nail art!