Holo and gradients are a winning combination

Since I rarely use UNT and I get bored quick I’m always trying to find ways to change a mani up before I remove it, to get a few more day out if it. Usually I add some stamping on top, but this time I did a gradient. I think it turned out really good. The purple and pink gradient really goes well with the blue and pink accent nails.

I had so many issues with gradients before. The thing that has worked for me are regular ol’ kitchen sponges. Make sure that the sponge is damp but not wet and a little polish goes a long way. Don’t just go from side to side, do a bit up and down as well to not get to sharp of an edge between the colors.  There’s no magic solution to it, you just have to practice.

Amazon links to the products I used:

Crystal baller by Color Club

Halo-graphic by Color Club

Licorice by Essie