Green and serene

Green has always been one of my favorite colors so of course I had to get a green polish for my collection when I started. I believe this was one of the first polishes I ever bought, ‘On the roadie’ by Essie. Don’t get me started on polish names… Some of them really are something else. I don’t understand why nail polish needs such strange and often sexual sounding names? Is it to sound edgy? I understand that the names have to be fun, memorable and not just be “light green” or “kind of purple” but how are some names even relevant? I’ve learned later that a lot of polishes comes in collections and that the names often follows the theme of the collection, which makes a bit more sense I guess.
I do wonder about the whole naming process though. Is it one single person who’s in charge of just the names? Is nail polish namer a titel one can aspire to? Is it just a random intern that gets stuck with the responsibility? Maybe there are different people in charge of different releases and they get to decide on the names? The answer is probably really boring and obvious (my guess is on my last suggestion). But I would so love for it to be an actual job. ”Yes, yes I do work for O.P.I, I’m head of nail polish names”. Head of nail polish names do suggest that it’s a whole departement though which is even more whimsical when you really think about it. Any ways, even though some of the overtly sexual names can bother this old lady a bit, I do mostly just find a lot of humour in fun names for polishes. It’s way more fun than just a number or a description of the content.