Mellow Yellow

My precious budgie loved brightly colored or sparkly nails. I just had to make sure he didn’t try to peel it off.

I also started my stamping journey. There was some hand wringing and hair pulling before I got the hang of it, but I’m better now for sure!

Seche Vite problems

When you first get Seche Vite quick dry top coat you think you’ve found the holy grail. Which you have. If you learn how to properly apply it.  Before you learn, its shrinkage galore.

There are a lot of tips and tricks to get seche vite to work better. For me the biggest thing was to basically flood the cuticle area and then use acetone to clean up after. The seche vite needs (yes, needs) to be outside the painted are, otherwise it will turn out like the pictures above. The seche vite will shrink and drag the color with it.

Is the top coat worth the money? Yes and no. For me, the smell is a bit much and it’s finicky to work with. But I do enjoy a quick dry top coat that is not only a quick dry top coat but actually dries the polish underneath faster as well. Most other “quick dry” top coats only dries quick on their own, but are made to use on dry nail polish. This is what I do enjoy with seche vite. But lately the smell is getting to me a bit to much and I have started to use Glisten and Glow instead. You will need to wait a bit longer before application, but not much and it does dry very quickly. Glisten and glow also has a bit of a smell to it but not the same kind as seche vite. All polish smells of course, but some smell stronger and more unpleasant than others. Glisten and glow mostly just smells like polish, where as seche vite needs a fan and an open window for a more pleasant experience. Despite my critic I would recommend seche vite if you want to dry your nail art faster. With a good peel of base coat as well you have the recipe for a good day of swatching and nail art fun times.